Meet Our Staff


Valerie Helms-Mejia

Valerie has been a dental hygienist working for Dr. Nowakowski since 1994. She is a lifelong resident of Muncie and graduated from Delta High School, Ball State University, and IU School of Dentistry. Valerie enjoys traveling and cooking with her husband Carlos.


Cheryl Hatch

Cheryl has worked as a dental assistant for Dr. Nowakowski since 1987, earning her Expanded Functions Certification in 1991 at IU School of Dentistry. She is also certified in dental x-ray, caries prevention and coronal polishing.


Honey DeBoy

Honey has been working with Dr. Nowakowski since 2007. She started working as an assistant in 2000, earning certifications at IU School of Dentistry in dental x-ray, expanded duties, caries prevention and coronal polishing.


Angie Fuller

Angie has been working in the business office of Dr. Nowakowski since May of 2010. She would be happy to assist you with scheduling an appointment, working with your insurance and answering any financial questions you may have.


Jill Dickey

Jill has been a licensed dental hygienist since 1998 and began practicing with Dr. Nowakowski in 2011. She enjoys working with patients to improve their oral health via education, new products and through dental hygiene procedures.


Ann Nowakowski

Ann has been a part of Dr. Nowakowski’s dental practice since 1984. She works part-time assisting in many capacities throughout the office.